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Listen to What Our Clients Have To Say...


“I have worked with Steve for the past 4 years on a variety of projects. Steve is passionate and has a high level of integrity. He is bright, articulate and has the ability to very quickly focus in on key issues that will help you improve your business. His business acumen, marketing and financial skills would make him a valuable resource to any business. I would highly recommend Steve."
David Ambinder, Mr. Handyman Franchise, www.mrhandyman.com

“I originally hired Steve to assist my wife in starting a new business. He did outstanding work in guiding her through the basics as well as building a business model and plan for success. After working with him for a few months I came to appreciate his value potential for one of my businesses that had stagnated and was losing ground. We are now in our sixth month of consistent sales numbers 100% over last year. My sales team is excited and hungry to refine their skills. I would recommend Steve to anyone who needs a trusted and valued business consultant."
Michael Skomba, CEO, NIC Group & Florence Landscaping, LLC., www.nicg.com

Steve embodies impeccable character and is an all around quality person. He is always prepared and on point and respects all those around him. You can trust Steve and rely on him without worry.”
Ben Scott, COO, Vollers Construction

“I would recommend Steve for anyone's business. He has become my business' best friend. He works with the individual to pull the best parts of him out and use it to benefit the business. He is a great listener and very caring. He has the expertise to help you reach your potential."
Edward Murachanian, Attorney at Law, www.njlawyersite.com

“For over a year, Steve Vorrius has been my business mentor. Steve has provided me with all of the tools necessary to improve my sales and marketing techniques. He has given me excellent insight into the world of sales and marketing. Steve has instructed me on numerous strategies to boost my numbers. He has demonstrated countless communication skills to advance my client relationships. Steve is a positive and encouraging teacher. He has brought out the best in me and has empowered me to be a knowledgeable and confident sales/marketing director. I would highly recommend Steve Vorrius to be your "Coach".
Joanne Ruland, Director of Marketing, Kinetic Physical Therapy, www.kineticpt.com

“I've had the great pleasure to work with Steve with two different companies. He brings a great ear, wonderful work ethic, and brilliant insights to the table. He does a great job of helping CEO's better steer their ship."
Raoul Davis, Senior Partner, Ascendant Strategy, www.ascendantstrategy.com

“Steve Vorrius is what executives seeking the need to change and grow on a professional as well as personal level need. With Steve’s assistance, he has transformed me and my partner to new and higher levels in our company’s finances as well as assisting us in developing our core skills. He has also been instrumental in coaching our management team on key areas of sales and marketing. As a Certified Public Accountant for over 35 years I thought I was at the top of my game. With Steve’s assistance, I now operate a level that far exceeds my competitors. He is a special person and I enjoy working with him to continue to grow my business.”
Edward Chait, CPA & CFO, Kinetic Physical Therapy, www.kineticpt.com

“In 2009 we hired Steve as our business coach and he has exceeded our expectations. Since that time we have doubled our revenue and increased productivity in multiple areas of our business. His experience, outside the box thinking and character provides the resources necessary for a successful and fruitful partnership. I highly recommend Steve Vorrius if you are in the market for a business coach.” Michael Regina, Co-CEO, Big Sky Enterprises, LLC., www.bigskyllc.com

“I hired Steve Vorrius to assist me with the development of a business unit while at Absolute Resource Solutions. Steve brings the highest integrity to any coaching engagement. His ultimate goal is the success of the business and works diligently to provide honest, reliable and sound business wisdom. Steve doesn't shy away from telling it like it is and works with you to find the best possible answer for the company. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge from his own experience as well as what he has collected over the years. He is personable but challenges your thinking in order to breakthrough to the next level. Steve is creative and resourceful while focused on executable strategies. We would leave each session with a game plan for the next week that addressed the needs at that moment. Steve knew the balance between too much and not enough support and direction. He always positioned me to be the most successful person in the role. If you are looking for a solid business coach who will help you grow your business, Steve is that guy. You will achieve success.”
Jim Gallic, VP Marketing, Absolute Resource Solutions

“Steve, Has been a valuable asset to our businesses. He has helped us structure for growth, staff accordingly as well as look at our businesses from a different angle. One business is still in the start-up stage, but the other has shown wonderful growth during the time we have been working with Steve. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to move forward with any business.” Ellen Schack, CEO, Cowabunga Ice Cream & EES Cosmetic Solutions, LLC., www.eescosmetic.com
“Steve has been a tremendous asset and reason to the growth our business over the past 18 months. His knowledge and commitment to integrity has been a perfect fit to the culture of our organization.”
Ryan Regina, Co-CEO, Big Sky Enterprises, LLC., www.bigskyllc.com

“Steve has shifted the paradigm at my company. He has brought process and efficiency to our internal structure. We have enjoyed large growth in 2010 and are poised for major growth over the next few years.”
Edward Schack, CEO, EES Cosmetic Solutions, LLC & Cowabunga Ice Cream, www.eescosmetic.com

“Steven has been a fantastic resource in our Truth at Work group. His biggest attribute is the general care and concern that he has for you and your business. I would highly recommend Steven to help take your business to the next level.”
Vladimir St. Phard, President, CBSI Benefits, www.cbsibenefits.com

"As a company we were pulling in different directions. But I must say, without any reservation, Steve zeroed in on our problem. With understanding of everyone personal opinion, Steve was able to sort out the most important issues, show how they were effecting our progress and how we could, as a team, deal with the problem. The tools Steve gave us for understanding how to communicate between accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, sales and engineering, made the biggest difference. The most difficult suggestion Steve made was that we did not need to stop seeking new business while we fixed our problem. We all see that we are well on our way to being a better company. Our existing customers sense it and every new company we have solicited, see the excitement and enthusiasm we have for our future. So we "all" wish to thank you for your help, understanding and dedication in making us not only a better company, but each of us feel better about ourselves and what we do every day. We look forward to a long relationship."
Edward G. Varga Jr., President, D&D Technology Inc., www.ddtechinc.com

"I recommend that you meet with Steve and have an honest discussion about your business issues with him. You will see firsthand Steve's passion for what he does and his commitment to help you. In just a couple of hours, we identified key issues holding my business back and immediately crafted a game plan. After our first session, I implemented the strategies I learned from Steve and over the next 2 days our retail sales doubled. A new store record! You need to sit down with Steve because what he offers to you and your business equates to real results!"
Angel Cartagena, Franchise Owner, Batteries Plus, www.batteriesplus.com

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