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Professional Services

Strategic Business Consulting

We offer strategic direction and guidance to business leaders and their management teams of small and medium market businesses utilizing a unique consulting and coaching approach. We develop practical approaches and creative solutions that result in significant increases to our client's revenue and profitability. We work closely with the business leader(s) to refine and establish efficient systems and processes that streamline improvements and results in the commercial, operational, financial and people management areas of their company.  

Professional Services include...
Strategic Planning Sessions - Business Consultation - One on One Mentoring - Business Assessments - Partnership & Management Team Alignments - Behavioral Assessments - Financial & Industry Analysis

Executive Coaching & Consultation

We offer strategic consulting services to senior executives and their management teams in the corporate arena. with a concentration on developing strategic approaches that elevate their leadership and management competencies and capacity. Leaders will experience a practical approach to enhancing their individual strengths, knowledge, skills and competencies in the areas of leadership, communication and strategy development in order to better serve their team’s needs and accomplish their organization’s goals.

Professional Services include...
Strategic Executive Coaching & Consultation - Interim Executive Management - Strategic Retreats
Executive Roundtable Facilitation - Behavioral Assessments - 360 Leadership & Management Development Programs

E-Learning Modules

We offer two state of the art, membership based websites that serve as an educational resource in the sales and marketing area for all types of businesses, especially for sole proprietors and start-up phase business owners. This curriculum based program is designed to teach proven and tested marketing strategies and tactics that generate business leads and attract the right clients. Membership includes 24/7 access, 150 hours of training videos and ready to use advertising and marketing collateral and templates. In addition, Members may choose to upgrade to their program to either attend group workshops or seek direct one on one consulting. Visit www.VictoryMarketingAcademy.com or www.VictoryInternetAcademy.com to learn which program best suits your needs.

Truth@Work - Christian Business Leader & Executive Roundtable Programs

We offer a monthly roundtable program for 10-12 members featuring a structured and proven curriculum that assists Christian CEOs, Executives and Business Leaders in building successful businesses while making strategic and operational decisions based on biblical principles and practices. This membership based, advisory board addresses the relevant issues and challenges today’s leaders face professionally, personally and spiritually and enables a proactive action or response in a God honoring way. Currently, programs are being held in Piscataway, Allendale and Gibbsboro, NJ. Visit www.christianroundtablegroups.com to learn more.

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